What is pre selection in dating

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What is pre selection in dating

This sort of sexual selection predicts a constant bubble of diversity of morphology over space and time. In this situation there will be a natural preference for bright and vibrant colors, because those are the colors of the main food item, fruit.

Another sexual selection framework where fitness is a consequence of indirect forces is sensory bias. Females may naturally prefer individuals with the same vibrant colors as their primary food item (this may even be selectively beneficial, as it indicates strong preference of high quality food). This highlights again the fact that over and over sexually selected traits may not be beneficial in the conventionally adaptive sense. And this is also an observation of the Handicap Principle, though it turns logic on its head at the end of the game.

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I will admit beforehand that my personal preference is that sexual selection not be so artificially detached from natural selection more broadly, but the nature of the discussion is usually one where such strong distinctions are made. Perhaps the most obvious area of difference is that there are forms of sexual selection where there is no strong exogenous fitness implication.

By this, I mean that there is no great adaptive value to the trait being favored proportional to its selective value (note: the trait may not necessarily be totally neutral initially, one could imagine non-sexual preferences which triggered subsequent sexual dynamics). The basic principle here is that if there is a correlation for a trait which is preferred, and the preference for that trait, then the two will amplify each other’s fitness and rapidly sweep up in frequency within the population. Imagine that within a bird population a subset of females prefers longer beaks.

There is normal variation within the population for beak length, which implies that the fitness of the shorter and longer beaked individuals is not so different.

If a subset of females prefers longer beaks, then males with longer beaks will have higher fitness, because they have reproductive access to all the females, while those with shorter beaks only have access to those females who do not exhibit a preference.

Because of the correlation there is now also selection for the preference as a byproduct of selection for the longer beaks!As in the Fisherian process above obviously this can come at a cost. Its counter-intuitive thesis is that costly signals in fact indicate that an organism is extremely fit.The underlying reason is that costly signals are by their nature honest.First, for those who are unfamiliar with the topic, sexual selection theory comes in several flavors.As the term implies sexual selection emerges from differential fitness due to the preferences of individuals for various favored traits.

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