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Who is david tennant currently dating

Matt Venne is penning the script and NBC has ordered a pilot. As always with these things, it depends how the pilot goes down. The films: There have been three of them so far, with Shailene Woodley starring.

The series, according to Deadline, ‘reimagines the masked Jason with a stronger feel of grounded reality.

One is about to get married, one is just falling in love, and the other couple is divorced. A pilot has been ordered, with JJ Philbin and Josh Malmuth overseeing it. NBC has picked up the show, and Universal and Imagine - the companies behind the film - are involved behind the scenes. The films: A charming pair of funny and colourful animated movies, following the adventures of young inventor Flint Lockwood.

Based around the book by Judi and Ron Barrett, both films were box office successes.

The TV show: An animated production, and a joint venture between DHX Media and Sony Pictures.

Leonardo Di Caprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson and Mark Wahlberg in one of the best crime films of recent years.

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The TV show: This one's set to use Virtual Reality in a big way, and is believed to focus on interplanetary law enforcement.

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