Who is hugh hefner dating now 2016

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The founder and chief creative officer of Playboy Enterprises infamously dated blonde after blonde, most notoriously courting the cast members of the short-lived reality series .

Even though he certainly had his fill of bombshells — previously admitting to sleeping with "more than" 1,000 women — Hef maintained that he always stayed faithful during the multiple times he was married.

HEFNER' S BEDROOM IS A MESS Old magazines and papers litter the floor all around his giant, king-size bed, with its kilim-style comforter.Scroll through to look back at the icon’s greatest loves. Both lauded and criticized over the span of his revolutionary career, the trailblazing media icon wed three times and fathered four children — the most prominent of which, currently, is 26-year-old son Cooper, the chief creative officer of Playboy Enterprises."I don't think that’s in the cards anymore." Both boys are still in college and neither has yet had Hefner's daughter Christie's experience of joining PEI as a junior executive before climbing to the top. HE GETS LETTERS FROM WOMEN AROUND THE WORLD WANTING TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND When girls apply, Hefner checks out their pictures and invites some to visit. "I'm obviously a visual person, and looks and appearance are important, but it's pretty obvious also that I have a particular type," he acknowledges. " For more, read the full cover story now and read about all the aspects of the Playboy empire here.Does he not think these women may partly be lured by his money and power?

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She worked as Girl Friday for Harvey Kurtzman, who created magazine, and he said, ' You gotta meet this girl, she's just like you: She can make a guy jump through hoops.' We actually exchanged phone calls and came very close to dating." PHOTOS: Hollywood Haunts: Then and Now 3.

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