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They hear ‘Nigeria’ and the first thing that comes to mind is ‘fraudster’ they are afraid to let us in their countries, our passport makes them extra search us at the airport etc..Before the fame of ‘Bodak Yellow’ changed her life, rapper Cardi B was a reality star on Love & Hip Hop and she made it known on the show that she was dating a guy named Tommy – who was serving time in jail – reportedly in connection with credit card fraud.

, we had a lot of people comment on their three styles and Noble Igwe came out tops. Style does that to you, it gives you more wear out of your clothes. There’s so much I love about this outfit, Safe to say it speaks for itself.

But here’s the similarities between the two men, no matter who or what they’re wearing, they own their style!

Any man who can keep his beards looking this neat just has to have ocd. Yes I know I did a post on Uti’s style too, but here’s the difference between the two men; Uti’s outfits most of the time are provided by a stylist, and you hardly get to see his streetstyle while noble on the other hand styles himself and puts his streetstyle out there.

This is taking from the roots and bringing it to the streets. This casual native look couldn’t be any more on point!

You Are My Everything & Everything that I prayed for .

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That guy is a bastard and the next event I see him, I go clear him short doubt.

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