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Tyler Perry is known as a basketball player who plays in the team of the Sacramento Kings. Moreover, there were rumors going on that the couple was even engaged.

However, all these rumors came to an end when they broke up after two years of relationship.

Before she got into a relationship with the investor, Tyra Banks was rumored to be with Tyler Perry who was Tyra Banks rumored boyfriend in 2006.

They were spotted having dinner a couple of times together and the rumors started that they might be an item.

I want to teach him that he doesn’t need to go after chicks that are just cookie-cutter.

I want him to understand that beauty has so many different shapes and sizes and colors and features.

Banks explained to People: My secret to balance is to focus on one thing at a time.

I used to be the most amazing multitasker, doing three things at once. I think that’s Mother Nature’s way of saying this life you created takes all of your brain power.

and a very popular lady with her show she is also a covergirl tyra banks was one of the first black women to be a supermodel she is also a judge on a America's next top model plus a author and actress she is now retired and is a lovley lady She is pretty much the female equivilant of Muarry..parades people with problems in front of others for enterainment.is not a respectable person.Tyra Banks is known not only as one of the most successful American models but also as one of the most wanted women.Therefore, her romantic relationships are as much interesting and important to the public as her professional career as a supermodel.Now I’m like, ‘Mommy’s going on a conference call,’ and I give him to his dad.My son, as he gets older, he’s getting a lot more clingy so he wants to be held a lot more and be close to Mommy a lot more, so I have to do things fast …

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When you’re like, ‘OK, I’m just going to do it,’ then it’s not so easy as you get older.

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