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Lana’s actual name is Catherine Perry, but she became famous under the WWE name Lana.

She is known as a musical talent, as she has a history in both singing and dancing.

While we’ve seen them together as a very cute couple, journalist Renee Young only announced their wedding with a simple tweet of “marriage is nice” earlier this year.

Laurel has made a name for herself as an Impact wrestling star, and now for her relationship with Zack Ryder.

She has worked as a backup dancer for some pretty famous faces, amongst them Pink and Usher!

Her relationship with Rusev started out professional, when she was his manager, but the pair got married in 2016, and she has more recently decided to get involved in the ring herself. We certainly remember the Olympic medallist’s public split in 2008.

A real movie-worthy love story, the history of this couple deserves to be on the big screen!

As one of the Nitro girls, Rebecca was seen by Shawn on television before the two had ever met.

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Her claims to fame include life as a dancer, a singer, a music producer as well as many more careers under her belt.

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